ComforTech Plus

The ComforTech™ Plus system guarantees a level of recoil reduction superior to that obtainable of any other system on the market. Now available on the Vinci, ComforTech™ Plus has revolutionized Benelli’s already acclaimed ComforTech™ system and reduced recoil and muzzle climb even further without adding weight or extra parts.

The ComforTech™ Plus System:

The ComforTech™ Plus comb dramatically reduces the effect of recoil allowing the cheek to glide gently along its perfectly smooth surface thus minimizing impact and vibration.

Additionally, and to further maximize recoil absorption, the  ComforTech™ Plus stock features 12 synthetic rubber pads inserted diagonally running from heel to grip. Furthermore, the stock is specifically designed with a convex exterior to further attenuate recoil. Maximum absorption is finally provided by the innovative ComforTech™ Plus recoil pad.

The ComfortTech™ Plus system reduces muzzle lift by between 14% and 42% and dramatically shortens re-aiming time compared to the competition (who lag behind by 40% to 68%). Without increasing weight, the ComforTech™ Plus system gives the Vinci superior balance when shouldered and fired. So you will be hitting your next prey while your companion is still recovering from his first shot. Shooting speed therefore depends entirely on how quick you are in shouldering, aiming, shooting, and recovering for the next shot. In this particular speed record, the Vinci simply has no rivals.