Free Floating Barrel


The Vinci Free-floating barrel system operates on the same principle applied on high-performance bolt-action rifles thus ensuring outstanding ballistic accuracy.

In a nutshell, the barrel and receiver form a single unit that operates in-line with the new Vinci Inertia System within the Barrel Module.
In fact, it is because of this innovative modular design that the forces generated by the cartridge detonation are mostly discharged within the Barrel Module, which -- thanks to the superior rigidity of the barrel itself -- allows for minimum flex and consequently unmatched precision and stability.
The lugless design of the free-floating barrel leans on the Receive Module through a flat base. This solution allows for the natural vibration of the barrel and virtually non-existent muzzle climb.
Highly qualified technical tests performed at the Benelli Ballistic Laboratory clearly demonstrate how this innovative system ensures tight patterns and minimum shot dispersion, regardless of the caliber of the ammunition used and even during repeated shot sequences.
Simply stated, Vinci delivers maximum ballistic performance armed with either slug, lead or steel shot.