Module 3: Receiver: Hunter's Benefits


The Benelli Vinci is the first and only semi-automatic shotgun that allows for the magazine to be emptied by simple pressing a button. The variable-width forearm and new ergonomic chequering ensure a secure grip in any situation.
Noteworthy is also the trigger guard design that follows the ideal angle of the shooter's hand, allowing the finger to rest comfortably on the trigger. Finally the magazine tube is released by turning a single knob, for quick and easy replacement.

• The tube and easily removed by turning a special button for easy and immediate replacement.
• A simple push of a dedicated button lets you quickly empty cartridges from the tank, for safety and practicality.
• The cartridge is loaded with practical and immediate use of gloves with wide seat with no sharp edges, elevator.
• The unique ergonomics of the guard, creating an ideal spot with the hand of the hunter for an easy and natural achievement of the trigger.
• The variable radius rod and the new ergonomic shagreen provide a secure grip in the hands of every hunter.