Vinci Inertia System


A revolutionary shogun conjured from Benelli’s ingenious creativity, the Vinci features a unique balanced design that is unmatched in the semi-automatic arena.

The free-floating barrel fires the shell in perfect equilibrium around its axis of symmetry, and is equipped with a unique bolt closing and cocking mechanism that provides matchless ballistic accuracy.

The Vinci Inertia System is actuated by a single spring, making it incredibly simple, robust and efficient. The barrel is rigidly secured only to the receiver and therefore operates in perfect alignment with the new Vinci Inertia System. The entire bolt movement cycle is precisely aligned with the barrel to ensure perfect force distribution, impeccable balance and minimal muzzle climb on firing. Perfect balance means a previously unseen level of shooting accuracy.

Perfect distribution of forces, impeccable balance and minimal muzzle climb on firing.